Movin' Barcelona proudly presents Slow Movin'

Here at Movin’ Barcelona we are really excited to tell you about our new project, Slow Movin’, launching this autumn. In addition to the complementary activities we already offer for our existing and successful event packages, we will now be offering a range of holistic, well-being and self-improvement workshops and classes. These activities are designed to improve the focus, well-being and overall performance of employers and employees at work.

In our fast paced digital world companies are forced more than ever to keep ahead of the game if they are to keep up with competitors. In such a competitive arena it is easy to forget about core values in the work place and the health and happiness of the individuals that work there. We believe that our new services can truly complement your event whilst providing new and valuable knowledge that can be taken back into the workplace. After all, a company is only as good as the people who work there.

Please check out our presentation video to find out more about this wonderful project.